Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Putting food by: Pear Jam

Nothing says "Welcome Home" like a five-gallon bucket (nearly) full of pears. There's a house at the end of our county road that is in foreclosure and my parents picked up pears a couple weeks ago.
The first thing my Dad said after the vehicles were unpacked last weekend was that there was a bucket of pears that they thought I'd like to make jam out of. Of course I did, but finding the time to do so was a little challenging.
I get off work at 5. If I leave the office exactly at that time, it's at least 5:30 by the time I make it home. Then I want to help out on the farm, but it's dark outside by 6:30. 
 Wednesday night when I got home, Grandma was sitting at the kitchen table peeling and coring pears. She said she'd been doing so for the last 3 hours. We used the food processor to "finely chop" the pears.
That night we canned 7 pints of jam.
Then we ran out of lemon juice.
 Then Thursday night, I stopped and bought extra sugar, pectin and lemons. We canned a batch of sugar free jam- which made 2 pints. It used Splenda instead of sugar.
And Two batches (7 pints) of regular jam.

I modified my labels a bit to include Grandma.

A note about the jam: The sugar-free looked more cohesive. The regular jam separated, so all the fruit was floating and the jelly part was all on the bottom.

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