Thursday, November 10, 2011

Random thoughts

1. I can't remember if I shared this photo on the blog (I know I shared it on facebook), but these are the cedar trees on our county road. My Dad and his Grandma planted them over 40 years ago. Last year, the utility passed some rule that trees have to be at least 10' from the powerlines, so they topped the trees. They looked ridiculous, so Grandma asked the tree company to just remove all the branches. Now they look like match sticks. Dad and I will be spending upcoming weekends cutting these trees down and setting them aside for fence posts and cedar planks for closets or hopechests.
Note how there aren't any trees on the other side of the road... It would have made more sense to move the powerline than to kill all the trees. 
Anyway, last night the moon was really bright. I got up in the middle of the night to go pee and was convinced there were people walking down the road. Creepy.

2. I drove to Springfield tonight. Again, the moon is really bright. The moon had a strobe light effect shining through the trees, which are losing their leaves.

3. I stopped at the new Hyvee to get some breakfast for the weekend, and beer to take back to Cape. I wish there was a place in Cape that had as good a selection of beer as Hyvee. The alcohol department at Hyvee is huge!

4. When I was in college I was dating a guy who still lived in Cape. Every three-day weekend I would drive back to Cape to spend time with him.
Now, every chance I get I'm driving back to Springfield to spend time with my husband. I'm between two "homes" right now; the home where my family is and the home where my husband is.

5. I'm really enjoying my new job. In addition to reviewing commercial plans, I will soon be reviewing residential plans. I've also been asked to spear-head the development of a facilities maintenance plan for all the city owned buildings, including checking existing buildings for code deficiencies and maintenance items, and helping compile information for the capital improvement plan. It's good to feel appreciated and to receive positive comments about my performance so far.

The numbers:
Number of plans reviewed since beginning my job: 11 (some of these were re-submittals, responding to comments I had)
Time until I see the Hubs: 50 minutes!
Number of Corvairs we now own: 2 (more info to come later...)

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