Wednesday, November 30, 2011

House repair

This weekend, my parents and brother came out to Springfield with me to help me and the Hubs work on the house. There was cosmetic work that needed to be done outside (painting the siding, removing the huge unused antenna, and replacing the siding on the back porch).
Mom painting!
The weekend turned out to be pretty nice. Thursday afternoon, after stuffing ourselves with ham and all the fixin's, we painted and demo'd the existing siding on the back porch.

Dad removing the huge antenna and patching the holes.

Dad and Daniel measuring siding

The Hubs and Dad formulating a plan of attack for the window

Having beer and desserts with my BFF Melissa and my parents at Farmers Gastropub
 There's still some interior work to do, but we got some of the big items off the list this weekend. Hopefully the house will be on the market by January 1 and will sell quickly once people get their tax returns in!

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