Friday, November 11, 2011

Garden Report 11.11.11

Well this makes me a little sad as it's one of the last garden reports I'll have from this house... But once I start helping with the garden on the farm next spring all that sadness will dissipate quickly!
 Since my coffee maker is at the farm, I'm drinking instant coffee. But I made sure to get the "good stuff", Maxwell House Hazelnut.
 The cover crops are coming up really well. So well that they're drowning out the onions and garlic. I spent some time weeding this morning.




 The lettuce mix is rather large. There are several salads worth of greens here. I'll probably pick them and take them back to the farm.

Everything in the greenhouse is looking ok. The Hubs has watered the plants once since I left. They're all going back with me.

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