Saturday, March 1, 2014

To My Baby Kangaroo 1/26/14

This week, the food aversions continued. I made homemade pizza earlier this week and it smelled so good, but one look at it and I wasn't sure I could eat it. I choked it down. Then made the mistake of taking the leftovers for lunch at work. They're still in the work fridge. Cheesy foods, chicken and seafood are still major turnoffs. I am loving carbs, PB&J sandwiches and fresh fruit. I had some issues with nausea earlier this week, but as long as I snacked the nausea subsided. With all this snacking, I expected to be gaining weight. Not so. I stepped on the scale yesterday morning expecting at least a 5 pound weight gain i the last 2 weeks. Not the case. I've lost 4 pounds. But I feel like I'm eating like a horse. I'll eat seconds at dinner. I snack all day. One thing I've noticed is that I think my water intake has reduced. If I drink too much water, my stomach gets wiggly feeling. I used to be able to chug a 16 oz glass and now I'm taking small sips.
I talked with my personal trainer at the gym about my strength training routine. She said to keep going with my current routine. Once I gain weight, I'll probably need to switch out a couple of the items. I doubt I'll be able to continue pull ups throughout my pregnancy, even if they are on the assisted machine... She said to switch out to the vertical traction machine or lat pulldown machine. They both have similar shoulder movement as pull ups.
Today is the Christmas get-together with mom's side of the family. Somehow we're announcing to the family. I was thinking right before the dinner prayer. We'll have to see how it goes.
This week (week 9) you are the size of a green olive and you actually look like a baby human.

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