Sunday, June 22, 2014

To My Baby Kangaroo - 6.22.14

We're entering week 30. You are approaching or at 3 pounds, and will continue to gain about 1/2 pound per week until your birth. So far during pregnancy, I've gained 12 pounds. (Which was after I lost four pounds in the first 2 months. I was hungry all the time, but couldn't seem to eat enough to maintain my weight!)

I had a checkup this week. Starting around week 30, the doctor is able to measure the size of my uterus. So from each appointment forward, he'll measure from my pubic bone, over my belly, to the top of the uterus (which is about at the base of my ribs). That measurement in centimeters should be the same as whatever week I'm in. So this week I measured almost 30 cm, and I was not quite 30 weeks at that appointment.

I mentioned that I was given the wrong glucose solution for my 1-hour test, and the doctor mentioned that lab tech is no longer employed at the office. Apparently that wasn't her only screw-up. He apologized several times for wasting my time with the unnecessary 3-hour test. Which I appreciated.

The clothes I ordered for our maternity photo shoot came in. I ordered skinny jeans from Old Navy, which I wore to work yesterday. They are so comfortable. The only issue I have with them, which I am now having with all my maternity pants, is that they roll down under my belly. But it's summer, and it's too hot to wear maternity pants with a full panel. So if I am too annoyed to deal with pants, I wear a dress to work. (Better ventilation that way, too.) I also ordered this shirt and this jersey-knit cardigan from Motherhood Maternity. I figured the shirt can be worn for nursing too, as the buttons are functional. Now I need to figure out what props I want in our photos. I want to crochet some baby items that you'll wear in your newborn photos. It's hard because I have no idea what size you'll be!

I continue to workout at the gym. This week I lifted weights twice and did cardio several days. I also worked out in the garden and orchard.

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