Sunday, June 1, 2014

To My Baby Kangaroo - 6.1.14

We started our last week of the second trimester today.

Yesterday, we set up the crib in the second bedroom, moved our computers to the living room, and broke down the full size spare bed so we can post it Craigslist. We'd keep it, but we don't have anywhere to store it where it won't have mouse friends.

Your bedroom is really bright right now, but I bought black out curtains. Target only had 3 and we need four, and I haven't bought the curtain rods yet. There's really no rush yet, and I'm waiting for a coupon or sale to buy them. I'm also waiting to buy an ottoman (with storage space inside) to use while nursing, and to store blankets in.

I bought a table lamp and shade a couple weeks ago (on sale!), and still need to find an end table/side table to put it on. The table will also serve as a place to put my drinks and snacks while nursing. We looked for one last week on the big yard sale but didn't see anything we liked. And your grandpa is working on repairing and refinishing my great-great grandma's rocking chair. I'm not sure what other furniture we'll need.

This week you are about 2 pounds and about 15 inches long. You may start to recognize my voice now, so I may start singing to you.

My hip/pelvic joint was hurting so bad this week that I bought a coccyx pillow. (Don't ask me how to say that; I have no idea!) This type of pillow has a cutout for your tailbone. I leave it on my chair at work and it seems to help; I don't hurt as bad at work. I almost think I need another pillow for the couch.

This weekend we are going to Kansas City. We'll hopefully visit your Aunt Lyndsey and cousins while we're there. (And maybe come back with some of the baby stuff your cousins have outgrown!) I hope I remember to take that seat pillow - sitting in a truck for 5-6 hours is not going to be comfortable!

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