Sunday, June 15, 2014

To My Baby Kangaroo - 6.15.14

You are 29 weeks this week, and your Dad's first Father's Day is tomorrow. I got him a card; I didn't know what else to get him since you aren't here. A "bestest dad" mug for his hot chocolate? :)

This week you are getting close to 3 pounds, and closer to your birth length - probably in the 15" to 17" range right now.

Symptoms this week:
When I bend over for extended periods (think: adding/removing items from the washer/dryer, rummaging in lower kitchen cabinets, weeding the garden), you kick me as though you're letting me know I'm squishing you.
I woke up several times this week with almost-charley-horses in my right leg. But I also haven't exercised as much this week.
I also woke up to pee a lot more often this week. And then couldn't get back to sleep.
I was extremely hungry again this week. Several days I was so hungry I ate all my snacks and meals, and actually went to the grocery store mid-afternoon one day to replenish my snack drawer. Pretty hilarious, and slightly annoying!

I anticipate I'll start showing varicose veins on my legs soon.... they are hereditary.

We took an infant CPR class on Wednesday night. If we ever need it, your Dad and I now know how to perform infant CPR and what to do if you're choking. It's one of those skills I don't want to think about, but I'd rather know it and not need it, rather than need it and not know what to do.

Our maternity photos are in a month, and I have some clothes on order for that photo shoot! I hate that I had to order clothes, but there weren't any locally that fit or that I liked, and I didn't feel like driving two hours... So far I've liked the way Old Navy and Motherhood Maternity clothing has fit, so hopefully what I ordered will fit well! (Otherwise, I probably will need to make a trip to St. Louis! Which might not be too difficult after all, since I'll be up that direction for your aunt's baby shower in two weekends.)

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