Sunday, June 15, 2014

Shades of Green

The garden is looking great - the cow manure really helped it this year. The hardest part is keeping on top of the weeds. Which aren't too bad in the areas where I mulched with straw. The areas without straw mulch are impossible to access for at least a week after it rains, but also have a lot more grass/weeds growing in them. Especially a lot of these prickly weeds that grow in the cow pasture that hurt to pull and hurt to step on barefoot. Unless you find them when they are really little and they don't have the pricklies on them yet... 
View of the whole garden
Left to right, foreground (background): beans (corn), eggplant, kale, carrots (acorn and summer squash), beans (onions, shallots, spinach and lettuce mix, beets), corn and cucumbers(potatoes and cauliflower)
The Illini corn is not growing; I need to replant corn in that area. The lettuces are starting to bolt, so we won't be able to eat them much longer. The beets really didn't do well; hardly any of them germinated. And they were fresh seed. I think next year I'll buy from Baker Creek because I've always had good luck with their beets and lettuces. The potatoes are flowering. The beetles are finally leaving the beans alone enough that they can grow.
Tomatoes, tomatillos, peppers, all interplanted with herbs and walking onions
There are tons of tomatoes set on, and a lot of the tomatoes and peppers are blooming! I've been using the cilantro in dinners lately. Looking forward to caprese salads with all those tomatoes and basil.
Red Zebra
Yellow Pear
Concord Grapes
Bruce Plums - I ate some before I took the photo. These are small plums, maybe 3/4 the size of an apricot. Sweet and tart at the same time.

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