Sunday, June 29, 2014

To my Baby Kangaroo - 6.29.14

This week you are about 3 pounds, and between 14 and 18" long.

Symptoms this week?
Intense hunger, again. Just this morning, I had several pieces of bacon, a pile of fried potatoes with salsa, and a pile of bing cherries and blueberries for breakfast. I was stuffed. And half an hour later I ate a mug full of wheat Chex because I was starving.
The pain in my tailbone/buttcheek flared up again. But I did quite a bit of sitting this week trying to catch up at work, and driving to your cousin's baby shower several hours away.
I do not feel as rested when I wake up. I am usually a morning person, but this week it took longer for me to kick the groggy feeling.

I am starting to freeze meals so that I don't have to cook as much when you arrive. Last week I made an extra pan of lasagna, and today I made a big batch of meatballs. I think we'll end up with about three meals of meatballs. They are great for spaghetti, but we've also put them on hamburger buns before for meatball sandwiches. Some other items on the list to make include enchilada casserole and a big batch of tamales.

This week I pulled out some blankets from my hope chest for you. One my MiL made for your dad; it is a quilt with cacti on it. I also found my yellow and green afghan from when I was a baby. And a fleece blanket for if I pass out feeding you in the rocking chair. I bought an ottoman this week and am still looking for a nightstand or short dresser. I would like somewhere to put a table lamp, snacks and a water glass.

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