Sunday, June 8, 2014

Garden Journal

I'm 28 weeks pregnant, but I'm trying not to let it slow me down!

Today, I planted eggplant (2 from the farm), and about a dozen blackberry plants. Of the ones I transplanted last year, only 4 or 5 survived (jury is still out on the 5th one; it had green leaves last week but they're shriveled now...). I also mulched around all the blackberries, the cherry bushes, and started mulching the grapes. Then I ran out of mulch. I have a couple more grapes and the blueberries to mulch still.
I tried to weed in the garden, but we got rain this week and even though I could walk in the garden in the straw mulch aisles, when I pulled weeds they came up with huge chunks of mud. So I'll wait a couple days and try again.
A lot of the tomatoes are blooming, there is at least one tomatillo set on, and a lot of the peppers are setting on blossoms. There are also blooms on some of the potatoes.
The Golden Bantam corn and the green beans I planted last weekend have sprouted. The Illini corn is slower, and there's only one visible sprout in the entire area I planted.

A couple more garden projects in the near future:
Installing t-posts and wire for the grapes. Translation: the Hubs has some posts to drive...
I also am going to try to re-plant the Early Golden Apricot and North Star Cherry. This will be the third cherry tree. All three trees were from a local nursery, but the rest of the trees were from big box stores and have not needed replaced. I hate to support big box stores, but when I have to replace the trees so many times, it's not worth my time.
And, I also need to replace a couple raspberries. I purchased four on clearance last fall and two of the four have survived. We'll see if the store will replace them; they have a one year warranty on plants, but I'm not sure they honor that on clearance plants...
Figure out stakes or more cages for the remaining tomatoes. Cages are expensive, but the best option.

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