Sunday, August 14, 2011

Garden Report 08.14.2011

This weekend we went home to the farm, and there was no one here to water my garden. I was a little worried I'd come home to slouched over, crunchy plants, but they weren't too bad. Here are the harvest totals for the day:
Thessaloniki tomato: 1.5 oz
Black Cherry tomato: 6.5 oz
Golden California Wonder pepper: 1.5 oz
Banana pepper: 14.5 oz.

The peppers were from the garden down at Terry's house. There are more peppers set on, but I'll wait until later in the week to harvest. There are several of the tomatoes set on and looking close to turning red. She had some strawberries too that are starting to turn. They're a different variety than what I have here. Mine only produce in the spring and they send out runners, hers are blooming now and are bushier.

The resurrection lilies finally bloomed! This was the third year they've been in the ground here. Last year they only put up green and didn't bloom.

The carrots and some of the lettuce and spinach I planted are starting to come up. The cover crops I planted (winter wheat and crimson clover) are coming up too.
Mesclun mix


Winter wheat

winter wheat, with a fresh molehill!

I think I've decided not to grow native flowers. I like growing native plants because they aren't invasive, but they are expensive and half of what I purchased this year has died. All three ferns have croaked, both cardinal flowers have croaked and one blue lobelia has died. I am left with a Jacob's ladder, columbine, marsh milkweed, and one blue lobelia. I started some flowers from seed and the greens are there, but not very large, and no flowers yet. These are all the flowers that are behind the greenhouse. Next year, I think I'll plant zinnias and sunflowers back there and not plant flowers in the main garden beds. Actually, the flowers that came up in the raised beds this year (bachelor buttons, sunflower and marigold) are all volunteer plants that came up from last year's seed.

Here you can see tons of aphids. Before we left on Thursday I put diatomaceous earth on them. It didn't phase them, so tonight I put pyrethrin on the milkweed. We'll see if it does anything!
Blue Lobelia

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