Thursday, August 18, 2011

Garden Report 08.18.2011

 A little update on the seedlings inside... When we went home to the farm last weekend for a four day weekend, I meant to take the lid off the tray but forgot. Sadly, some of the basil and artichokes "damped off". But there's still a lot more basil! All of the seed was old, so I'm not surprised or saddened that the parsley didn't sprout. However, the cilantro is new seed and it didn't sprout either. But I've had really bad luck growing cilantro from seed this year.

 The Mesclun salad mix is getting bigger! so are the carrots.
 We got a lot of rain last week so the garden is finally perking up. The banana pepper plant is loaded.
Still have aphids on the marsh milkweed. I put dipel dust on it twice and it seems like it killed a lot of them, but there's still a lot of them alive. I think the aphids reproduce too quickly!

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