Saturday, August 20, 2011

Putting Food by: Tomatoes

Tomatoes are my favorite part of the summer. They're the main reason I started a garden. And they're one of many vegetables in my garden this year that have refused to produce. This summer has been too dry to grow anything.

Today I bought a 25 pound box of seconds from one of the Amish tents at the farmer's market for $12. To put the price into perspective, "firsts" are selling for $2 a pound.

I canned 14 pints today, and have enough tomatoes for at least another 7 pints. But after two batches, the house was hot and I was pooped.

For directions on how to can tomatoes , see my post from last summer:

 Here's what a 25 pound box of tomatoes looks like.They're seconds because they are bruised, split, were ripe last week, or aren't evenly ripe.

 Here's what 8 pounds of tomatoes looks like. I can in pints because there's just me and the Hubs, but once we have kids, I'll probably can quarts. That means I'll need bigger pots.

 After two batches of tomatoes, there's still a lot left!

Aren't they pretty!?

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