Sunday, January 1, 2012

Good fences make good neighbors

Or they at least keep your cows off your neighbors property.

Yesterday, Dad, Daniel and I walked the fenceline of a field that we were moving weaned calves into. There are many types of fence posts on our farm. In some instances, metal t-posts. In other places, trees were used as fence posts decades ago and now have grown around the barbed wire fencing, no longer needing steeples.

 Some places have fairly new barbed wire. And other places have old barbed wire held together by baling wire.

I find it really cool how trees grow over whatever is in their path. I saw a photo several years ago of a tree out in the redwood forest of California that had a bike in it. The tree had grown several stories and the bike is way up in the air now.

And a mental note for the supplies required for fixing fence:
barbed wire
baling wire
pliers/wire cutters
more baling wire (you will need more than you expect, especially if a recent windy storm has knocked over trees on the fence row.)

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