Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Nook, Nook

When I was little, my Dad's nickname for me was Snoot. It rhymed with Nook, not shoot. Then I went through those teenage years when I thought the nickname was stupid. I remember being really mad at him for calling me by my nickname.
My nickname came about because we had pigs when I was younger. Apparently when I was very young I was unable to make pig-snorting noises so I would say "snoot snoot" to the pigs. Or at least that's what I think the origin of the nickname is.
What does this have to do with my Nook? Nothing, except it rhymes.
And I see my Dad everyday now and sometimes I miss being called Snoot.
I was also going to tell you a little bit about my Nook. My brother and I both received Nook Colors for Christmas from our parents. This is something I never would have bought for myself. I have the Kindle app on my smart phone and it worked for what I needed it for. I used it to free read classic books. For current books, I went to the library and checked out hardcopies.
I read a lot of fiction books. I also read magazines and cookbooks. (I realize it's weird to read cookbooks, but it gives me ideas!) I've decided that getting magazines and cookbooks on the Nook are not for me, though. I like to write on the pages when I make a recipe, notes about how to improve the taste next time, who liked it, how to make it better, etc. I put sticky notes on pages with recipes I want to try. There are options for highlighting and notetaking on the Nook, but it's just not the same. Magazines and cookbooks are items I like to share with friends. When I finish an Organic Gardening and it has tips on chicken-keeping in the city, or fall gardening, I pass it on to friends who share those interests. Right now, I'm living with my Grandma, and if I passed the Nook over to her to read the latest Organic Gardening issue, I'm pretty sure she would hand it back to me and say she's not interested. She doesn't even know how to use a computer.
There are several things I like about the Nook, though.
If I don't know a word, I can look it up, even without wi-fi access. Sometimes that feature wouldn't work on my Kindle app without cell service.
I can crawl into bed with the lights out and not have to worry about getting back out of bed later, and getting chilled, just to turn off the lights. I just adjust the brightness of the screen so it doesn't hurt my eyes in the dark and pretend like I'm a kid reading a book with a flashlight under the covers when I should be sleeping. Except my head is still outside the covers.
It's lightweight. Even with the protective cover I bought. I have fifty or more books on my Nook right now and it still weighs the same as it would empty. I wish I had this in college. That 20 pound art history book would have been a lot easier to lug around.
I also like that when I finish a book, I close it on the Nook and open up another one. This will be really handy on vacations, so I won't have to contemplate "Do I need to take two books or three?" I won't have to worry about books taking up valuable luggage space anymore! (Unless of course I purchase a local cookbook to bring back home!)
I haven't had the opportunity to try it out yet, but I'm also able to "borrow" Nook books from the local library. They're free just like checking out hardcopy books.
All in all, I'm pretty stoked to have the Nook.

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