Sunday, July 3, 2011

Garden Report 07.03.2011

This morning I took advantage of the cool temperatures outside and did some work in the garden.

Wait, have you been outside this morning? It was already in the 80s at 8 am with humidity so thick I had to come back in and get a bandana so I didn't have to wipe my face off on my sweat-drenched t-shirt!
Here's a photo of what I harvested this morning:
25 oz Chioggia beets, including greens (this is how they are priced at the store) or 15.5 oz with greens removed
4.5 oz Golden beets, including greens or 3 oz with greens removed
2 oz. Tonda di Parigi carrots. There are a lot more out there, I just wanted a sampling for a beet/carrot/feta salad recipe I found.
2 oz. Red Cored Chantenay carrots. Again, a lot more out there.
1 oz Banana peppers (this is three small-ish peppers)
3 lb 1 oz White Onions
5 lb 1.5 oz Yellow Onions
9 oz Red Onions
Onion weights include greens, so I could braid the tops. The weights/prices from the store do not include greens. I'll try to remember to weigh the onions as I use them.

An update on harvest tracking:
I've spent $118.20 on seeds and plants this year, and have harvested $48.40 worth of produce
 Out of all the kohlrabi I planted, there are only three that are even close to harvesting.
 Black Cherry tomatoes! My mouth is already watering!
 Can you see the bee? The reason I plant flowers is to bring pollinators to the garden.
 There were aphids and some other critters on the pole beans eating the leaves, so I gave the beans a dose of Garden Dust.
This morning I also planted some herbs and flowers in the greenhouse:
Red Mexican Hat wildflower
Yellow Prairie coneflower
Mammoth Dill
Slo Bolt Cilantro
Regular Cilantro
Flat Leaf Parsley
Curly Leaf Parsley
I also re-seeded some Acorn Squash, and planted pole beans where I pulled out the pea vines. It's probably a little late to get those started, but we'll see how they do.

I'm thinking of picking up some tomato plants for the blank space where the onions were.

I pulled up all the radishes. They bolted early and none of them were large enough to eat.
 So far I have 9 artichoke plants. The basil has sprouted, and some of the tarragon. The cumin hasn't done a thing. I even dug around in the cumin pot and none of the seeds have sprouted. So I replanted in a different pot.
I bought a hunk of ginger root a couple weeks ago from Mama Jeans and decided I should just stick it in the dirt since I haven't gotten around to making the Thai recipe I wanted to use it for and it was sprouting sitting on top of the microwave...

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