Sunday, July 31, 2011

Home Soil Test and Garden Report 07.31.11

 A couple years ago we bought a home soil test kit, Mosser Lee Soil Testing Kit. It probably came from Lowe's or Ace. The last two years there's been lower productivity in our garden, so I dug out the test kit...

 Looks like we're ok on PH, nitrogen and potassium. The potassium is supposed to be looked at over top of the black squares on the far right.  The phosphorus is so low it doesn't even have a tinge of blue!

I did a lot of researching and I'll add some bone meal at planting time next spring.

Today in the garden, I pulled up the rest of the European Mesclun Salad mix and the kohlrabi and put it in the compost bin. I only got two kohlrabi that were decent enough size to eat.
I planted a fall crop of greens and carrots, and spread around some winter wheat/clover seed in the empty areas of the garden.
I pulled up the green beans because they still hadn't bloomed and were taken over by spider mites. I sprayed them last week and I thought they would come out of it but then the spider mites came back with a vengeance.

From the garden down at Terry's I harvested 3.5 oz of banana peppers.

Inside, I planted lots of herbs and put them on the seedling heat mat so they'll start germinating. Once they get big enough, I'll transplant them and put them in the greenhouse for the winter.

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