Thursday, July 7, 2011

Garden Report 07.07.2011

 Last weekend I picked a bunch of beets and carrots. This is what I did with them: I scrubbed them to get off the big hunks of dirt, then I steamed them in a steamer basket, scrubbed them with a potato brush in water, and quartered them. Then I sauteed them in olive oil with salt, pepper, and garlic powder until there were some browned bits.
 I put them in a salad with fresh greens, black olives, feta, olive oil/balsamic vinegar/basil dressing. The chioggia beets get a little spicy and pretty starchy when they get any larger than 1" diameter. I like my beets a little sweet, so I'll either pick them earlier next year or not plant them at all.
 I have two trays of seeds started in the greenhouse. I now have 11 artichoke seedlings, basil is sprouted and the tarragon needs a growth spurt.
 Some of the cilantro have little tails coming out of the seeds, and some of the coneflower have sprouted.
 Most of the green beans I planted over the weekend have sprouted. We have had several pop up showers this week which helped with the water. I've been watering every evening because it's been so hot and dry.

Tonight I also mulched around the peppers, eggplant and tomatoes, and around the flowers out front of the house.

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