Monday, October 24, 2011

First day of Work recap

Saturday was a pretty exhausting day. We packed up the truck and car, drove 5 hours and then unpacked everything. I now have most of the boxes unpacked; there are a couple boxes with "work stuff" in them that need to go to the office. I wasn't sure what kind of desk space I would have so I didn't take anything with me this morning. That ended up being a wise move because 1) Our department is supposed to be moving upstairs in the coming weeks, and 2) My current desk is an old drafting desk shoved in a corner.

This morning, I had a drug test (results should be in tomorrow. The only drug they'll find is caffeine though!), and then I rode around with a building inspector for a couple hours. We did an electrical inspection at a new business and a foundation inspection at a new residence. And then he was showing me some other current projects. Guess who I saw?? Dad! He was driving a backhoe and working at the new casino.

When I got back to the office, I had plans to review for a retail infill of an existing building. I spent the rest of the afternoon (re)familiarizing myself with the 2009 IBC. Most of the projects I was working on at my old office were using 2003 or 2006, but the City recently adopted 2009 which is the most current building code.

I took a short lunch and then went on a mile walk to soak up the sun and 70-degree weather. Here are some random photos from the day:

 Apparently there is an issue with people stealing other people's lunches. "Do not be a pig. Please do not take other people's food" is posted on the breakroom fridge.
 My office is very close to downtown, so the loop I walked today was down by the floodwall. I've lived in this area most of my life but have never stopped to look at the murals.
The "new" bridge that was finished in 2003 is in the background.

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