Sunday, October 2, 2011

Great Plains Round Up

 This weekend we went to a Corvair show up in Excelsior Springs, MO called the Great Plains Round Up. We went last year, too, when it was in Tulsa. This show moves around to different cities, so different car clubs take responsibility for showing off their city and coming up with fun things for attendees to do.

The main draw is the cars. There were 62 cars this year, all Corvairs. Corvairs are not just cars though, there are also rampside trucks and vans, and the cars may be coupes or sedans, hard top or convertible, or station wagon.

And then there are the custom cars. Corvairs have a flat 6 engine in the back of the car. See the difference with this motor? A V-8 in the front of the car!

 We stayed at the Elms, which is an historic hotel/resort/spa that was first built in the late 1800s. This is actually the third version of the hotel as the first two burned to the ground in the early 1900s.

 Glad to see we weren't the only half-finished car in attendance.

 Remember which one is ours?
 Downtown, the local museum had a Corvair show up. These are "people" made from various Corvair parts.
 Excelsior Springs was known back in the day for their healing waters. This was one of the bath houses. I was told it pretty much shut down after the flood of 1993.

 One of the big events is the valve cover races.

 The hotel is a little creepy looking at night, huh?
 Saturday we went to Van Till Winery to eat dinner as a group. We met some new friends and split a bottle of wine - Ponderosa Mist. The pizza was baked in a wood fired outdoor oven and the toppings were all local/organic.

 The hubs finished the suicide door on the passenger side. Definitely got some "wows", even from the old guys. Last year, our first year, we were a little worried about getting shunned for having such a ratty car. But everyone loved it!


Saturday night was the awards banquet, and dessert was this custom cake!

Can't wait for next year when it's in Oklahoma City (except for the long drive!)

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