Saturday, October 15, 2011

Packing Knives

I've put some thought into packing the "dangerous" parts of the kitchen. I don't want to open a box up in 6 - 12 months and accidentally commit suicide by slicing my wrist open on an uncovered knife. (That sounds like material for the next Darwin Awards book.)
1. Find that empty 12 pack box of that beer that you drank on last week's office float trip when the only person that knew you had accepted a job was your husband.
2. Cut a flap of the box off.
3. Then cut a piece about twice the width of the knife blade that you're wanting to cover.
4. Fold it in half and hold it together with packing tape.
5. Then slide in the knife blade. If you're like me and have multiple knives of the same size (think steak knives and paring knives), then slide in one blade on each end.

Ta da! Then these went in the bottom of the box and other kitchen tools got stacked on top.
 This move is difficult. Not only mentally and emotionally, but logistically. As I go through each drawer, I have to consider what do I need for the next 6-12 months of living with Grandma? What does the Hubs need in that same time period while he's living here to finish school and sell the house?
My pile so far

Part of the Hub's pile. There's another drawer that has a steak knife, paring knife and chef's knife.
 You can tell who the beer drinker and hell raiser is, right?

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