Friday, March 9, 2012

Garden Plan 2012

 I finally figured out the garden plan. Our garden is 60' x 150'. I'm pretty sure my scale is off... the drawing should be twice the length...

(Sorry for the poor photo quality. If I had a scanner, or even had my computer plugged in at home, maybe I could make these better.)

After a lot of chicken scratch on several other sheets of grid paper, this is the final plan. After talking with Dad, there are a couple tweaks.

Basically, I want to get the garden set up by plant family so we can rotate the vegetables. There are several families. They are in the following order from the north side of the garden to the south side:
Root vegetables/Brassicas

The main change is flipping the tomatoes/peppers/eggplant with the potatoes/sweet potatoes. The south end of the garden gets really soggy and we don't want the potatoes/sweet potatoes getting water logged and rotting.

What isn't shown on this plan is the north orchard area. Mom has some raised beds up there, and we have a partial row of old blackberries and two apple trees. The row that has the raised beds will be finished out with the new blueberry bushes. At some point, we will plant new blackberries, and the apple tree that isn't producing apples (it hasn't really produced apples as far back as I can remember) is getting yanked up.
After all, we have other fruit trees to make room for!

 The south end of the garden where the potatoes/tomatoes will go.

Toward the north end of the garden

The area behind the chicken house where we can put three fruit trees.

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