Thursday, March 15, 2012

Soil Test Results

 Last week, Dad and I took soil samples from one of the fields in the bottoms, and from the garden.
Then we sent Daniel, my brother, in with the dirt and some money to drop off at the local University of Missouri Extension office where they send off for soil samples. The results came yesterday.

 The garden looks pretty healthy. We're a little low on Calcium, and the ph is a little low, but overall looks fairly healthy.

 Keep these graph lines in mind when you look at the following photos which are of the soil report for the field.
 Majorly lacking. In addition to the dry years we've had recently, the poor soil is a major factor in the low number of hay bales we've baled.

The soil lab gave us two copies of the reports. We're guessing we take one copy to the local fertilizer place, CO-OP, so they can mix us up a cocktail for the field.

Here's to hoping they don't laugh at us and our poor soil...

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