Sunday, March 4, 2012


The chicken house, that is, not me!

This weekend, Dad and I tackled the chicken house. He bought new plywood and shingles yesterday morning, and then we tore off the old roof. Then we put the new plywood on.

Before yesterday, the chicken house was looking a little worn down. The roof had several bad parts, and some of the shingles and plywood were held in place with pipe flanges.

A couple weekends ago, Dad and I shoveled the inside out. I think we had three loads of dirt/composted chicken manure that went to the garden.

After we tore off the old roof, we blew the inside of the chicken house off with compressed air. Dad has this attachment nozzle that he made out of copper pipe, that he uses to clean out the gutters. It worked really well for airing out the chicken house! So glad we waited until the roof was off to do this!

At one point, Dad went to the shed to get some brooms for us to brush off the walls with  and I grabbbed the air nozzle and started working. He said something to the effect of "That's not very lady-like" to Mom, and she responded "No, but that's Anna-like". It's impossible for me to be offended by this comment, because my whole life I've been rather tom-boyish. It just made me chuckle!

By the end of the day, we had new plywood in place. It was a little windy yesterday to tackle the tarpaper, and the shingles were a little cold. 

 Ended the day with a rather beautiful sunset on the farm.

Today, Mom and I are picking out which chicks to order with Grandma Ettling!


Mel said...

Are you sure chickens are "legal" on the farm? :) You might be limited to only 5, so you better check...and no rooster. Bahahahaha!

Anna said...

haha Mel we're planning on at least a dozen roosters. Maybe you'll get to see chicks next time you're in town!!!

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