Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The "Nursery"

 Yesterday, there were two chores I helped with: picking up tree debris from when the utility company cut the cedar trees along the county road, and moving a newborn calf to the barn lot.
We picked up three loads of wood this size.
 Imagine being this close to a momma cow, who is not very happy about her baby being moved by strangers! I sat in the back of the trailer and held on tight to the calf so it wouldn't jump out while we were in motion.
 The first night, momma and newborn stay in the barnlot, so the newborn can get used to his legs without being trampled by the other cows.
 The next day, they'll get moved to this field that Dad calls "the Nursery", where we currently have 7 other calves that have been born in the last two weeks or so, as well as the calves that we weaned back in the fall.

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