Friday, March 9, 2012

Garden Report 3.9.12

Sunday after church Grandma (Fluegge) and I worked on one of her raised beds. It was a little dreary, but I wanted to get outside and do something before picking out chicks with the other Grandma (Ettling).

After pulling lots of weeds, some of what Mom calls "henbit", a viney plant with purpley flowers, we evened out the dirt with a rake and planted:
Leftover seed from Baker's Creek (packaged for 2010):
Chinese Red Meat Radish
Golden Beets
Chioggia Beets

And new Burpee seed:
Burpee's Looseleaf Mixture Lettuce $1.57

Grandma has one more raised bed that we're going to prep for some tomato plants. I think we can put some Detroit Dark Red Beets in that bed too. Or some radishes. But that will need to wait for a little bit because it rained pretty good yesterday!

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