Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How to Move a Bale without a Bale Loader

Yesterday we got some haybales from a neighbor. Due to low hay production this year, we had to buy some earlier this winter from another farmer. (Dad says we usually need 80 to 85 last through the winter and we only baled about 50 on our farm this year.) The first bales we bought were small bales, so we had to buy more.
Dad left the tractor with the bale loader at the neighbor's farm, so we had to improvise once we got home:
A tow-strap, a chain, and a tractor.
 Dad pulled the bale off the wagon, but then it flipped on its end. We needed it flipped back over so we could get the tow-strap and chain off for the next bale.
Flipping the bale back over was a lot harder than we thought it would be.

One of the bales fell apart after it was off the wagon and pushed around, so Dad pulled it out to the pasture. It had a black plastic cover on it, and Daniel decided to surf it out to the field. Hilarious!

The cows were pretty frisky yesterday. After we took the bales out to them, there was one cow that kept rolling in the hay and scratching her neck on it. She completely obliterated the bale. And then she started frolicking around, like bucking broncos. I said to Daniel "Did our neighbor put wacky weed in those bales?" I've never seen cows act like that before. Dad said they do that when the weather changes.

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