Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Building fence

Saturday and Sunday, Dad and Daniel were building a new fence. Freddy and I investigated. I helped by driving the tractor that held the spool of wire. Dad and Daniel did the hard part: driving the stakes. Freddy walked with us until he got too hot and then he sat under a tree. I didn't leash him to the tree but he stayed there for at least an hour until I came back to get him.
Freddy wore himself out! 
Pulling the wire tight
This is the field we're building against. Dad plowed and planted this field in a mixture of grass for haybales. It really is that color of green. This is the kind of view I like to see when I'm in the field: no hint of civilization, just a peaceful view of trees and grass. 
But this is the view we now have for about 15 degrees. Our new neighbor decided to cut down all the trees on his slope and build a house. He has a beautiful view of trees and fields, but now our view is interrupted by a dirt slope and a house. 

I hope he plants trees.

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