Tuesday, June 12, 2012


 1. You may have noticed there's no more Music Monday. I got bored. When I started posting a song every Monday, it was so I would be forced to do something for the blog each week. I don't really need that anymore, and I don't have as much internet time as I used to.

2. The Hubs arrived on Saturday afternoon. He started a job here locally and we're still in the process of looking for a house. Currently we're living with Grandma and her down home cooking.

3. Mom discovered that the chicks like to eat Japanese beetles. That means less bug squishing. The chicks go crazy over the beetles. I drop them on the floor and they immediately know what they are and start pecking at them.
4. Finally got rain yesterday. I think the entire month of May we got 1/4". We got almost 1-1/2" yesterday.
5. The Hubs and I got new phones. We got HTC One X, which is still the Android platform like our HTC EVOs that we had from Sprint. We switched back to AT&T from Sprint because of the lack of service. I now have 2-3 bars of service on the farm where before I might have had 1 bar of roaming.

6. Dad and I gave Freddy his second Parvo shot last night. He was not very happy with us. But then I gave him a rawhide chew treat and he forgot about the shot pain.
This photo was from this weekend, when he was allowed to play outside because he wouldn't get muddy. Not the case last night and this morning and someone is not very happy about hanging out on the backporch when there's cats and a dog to play with outside...

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