Sunday, June 3, 2012

Downtown Austin

 Saturday morning I was up bright and early. I tried to sleep in because I knew it would be a long night after the wedding, but I was awake by 7 and downtown Austin by 8 am. Brunch was at 10 am at the bride's hotel room, Taco Deli (amazing takeout breakfast tacos), so I knew I had a little over an hour to explore before I had to get back and shower.
 I went to the Austin Visitor's Center website and followed the walking tour PDF download on my Nook.
 Texas Capitol building
 While I was walking around, I came across a guy feeding the squirrels. Kind of like the crazy bag lady feeding birds, but this was a guy sitting on a park bench feeding a dozen or more squirrels.
 This random sculpture looking thing is actually a water fountain. It used to be fed by a well but is now hooked up to city water. There's a foot pedal you push on and then the water comes out of the center there. Kind of strange.

 There are a lot of old buildings in downtown Austin from the 1850s that are mixed in with modern skyscrapers and modern sculptures. Austin is known for their music scene. I didn't catch any concerts while in town, but there are huge music festivals here.
This is the Driskill hotel, built in the late 1880s. A lot of the other stops on the tour were old dry goods stores and saloons.

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