Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Farm & Garden Update

 Of the 37 chicks, I counted 10 with large combs.
Run rooster run!

 The peppers are setting on. We have several bell, jalapeno and banana peppers.
 The beets are bulging out of the ground. This morning I pulled the Red Ace beets. Grandma is prepping them for canning (cleaning, boiling, peeling) and then we'll can them tonight.
 There are still some radishes. My foot on the left for scale. These are huge and Grandma says they aren't hot like radishes typically get when it's dry and they bolt. These are Purple Plum; definitely planting them again for Grandma. (I'm not a radish person)
Some of the peas have set on; you can see the peas forming in the pods. 
 Most of the (21) sweet potato plants survived the dry spell.
 Blackberries are almost ready to pick! There was one yesterday that was all black but when I pulled on it didn't budge, so I'll eat it this afternoon.
Japanese Beetles arrived. I pick them and squish them. The main thing they're eating is the grape vine leaves that are growing in the blackberries, so I've also been pulling grape vines.

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