Saturday, June 23, 2012

Today's harvest

Today we got tomatoes, tomatillos, two cobbler potatoes that mom found sticking out of the ground, a zucchini, about ten cukes, some jalapenos, a big pile of green and yellow beans and about a cup of blackberries. A pretty huge harvest!

Dad and Daniel were working on building a new fence today so Freddy and I went in the fields to observe. Freddy got really hot so I took him over to the creek where the cows hang out. He LOVES to jump around in the water! I was a little sad that I didnt have my phone, but I'm sure we'll play in the creek again.
Then I gave Freddy a bath in an old clothes washing tub. He was not too excited about that and promptly rolled in the dirt. Next time I need to remember an old washcloth (so I can scrub his ears) and an old bath towel. Sorry there weren't any wet dog photos. Next time!

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