Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Poe-tay-toe, Puh-tah-toe

Last night we dug potatoes. This year, we planted a half row of Yukon Gold, a half row of Superior, one row of Kennebec and two rows of Cobbler. The best producers? Kennebec. We got almost as much from one row of Kennebec as two rows of Cobblers!
 Dad said next year we should just plant 6-8 rows of Kennebec. We are a meat and potatoes family, you know, since we live on a beef cattle farm...
 After we dug potatoes, Dad even staged the potatoes for a photo. How thoughtful of him?!
 We almost always use the Ford tractor to dig potatoes, but usually dad hooks up a different blade behind it. This year, we used a different tractor and a different plow-blade. I believe Dad said this one was off of a tiller and he wired it to the sub-soiler he made.
Of course, I drove the tractor and then hopped off at the end of each row to help put potatoes in crates.

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