Monday, July 30, 2012


Even though Freddy hasn't been on the blog in awhile, he is still around on the farm. He seems to grow daily!

He loves to play fetch and chew on sticks. With the recent storms here (yay for rain!), there are plenty of sticks for him to chew on.

Look Mom, I brought you a stick bigger than me!
Saturday, after these photos were taken, Freddy got stepped on by a momma-cow. He was chasing her and her calf in the field and the cow didn't appreciate it. Freddy was underfoot and got stepped on. His right front leg is a little scratched up - the skin was all intact, but the fur was all scraped off. So I put Burt's Bees Farmer's Friend on it. Then this morning I noticed he had scratched it open, so out came the rubbing alcohol and another round of Burt's. (I noticed that Burt's Bees says it isn't tested on animals. It seems to be working on Freddy, except he thinks it tastes good so he licks it all off.) I'm not sure if a wrapped bandage is a good idea since it's so wet/muddy outside right now.

P.S. My brother was supposed to be watching Freddy. I was watering the chickens...

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