Sunday, July 15, 2012

Putting Food By: Tomatoes

We've had a really dry summer here. Last week on the news, the weatherman said we were 12 inches behind in rainfall, compared to an average summer. That's a lot of water.

And then in the last two weeks, we've gotten over 1/2" of rain. It's still dry, but at least the tomatoes reddened.

Friday and Saturday, between me and my mom, we picked almost two egg baskets of tomatoes. I pulled all our onions - about 2 gallons maybe of onions? And I pulled the rest of the beets. We've been eating beets as they've been ready this year.

This morning, after Grandma finished listening to the church service on the radio, we started canning. We have 8 beautiful quarts of tomatoes, and 4 pints of pickled-spiced beets.
We would have had 9 quarts of tomatoes, but there was an accident in the canner. One of the quart jars exploded, leaving floating tomatoes and glass chards...

Want to see the process for canning tomatoes? Check out the last two years of tomato canning posts here and here.

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