Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Do you see what I see?

Let me get a little closer for you....
On our new property, we have not one but TWO persimmon trees! The deer haven't found them yet and Sunday night I enjoyed two fruits fresh from the trees. It's been half my lifetime since I last ate a persimmon.
The Hubs and I put flag-stakes in the ground for approximate locations of his shop, my garden and the orchard trees. Grapes and berries do not have their locations determined, but hopefully after my uncle comes and grades for the shop and garden we'll have a better idea.
Enjoying a new to me brew (tried it for the first time at Bagger Dave's yesterday) while the Hubs finishes mowing. The mower was a little too bumpy for me and my back started cramping. At some point we'll be in the market for a mower with a comfy-er seat and a larger mowing deck.

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