Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Meals for the week of 9/3/12

This week I'm taking a little break from creativity. My kitchen is still kind of a mess, and most of my cookbooks are in a box in the garage, except for Joy of Cooking which my husband pulled out and put in the front seat of the truck during our move from Grandma's! This week's recipes are tried and true recipes. There's no thinking involved!

Shake and Bake Chicken with mashed potatoes
Michelle's turkey burgers
Sloppy Joe's
Taco Bake (same recipe as last week, but made with hamburger instead of chicken)

My lunches:
leftover burritos
Vegetable mixture: 1/2 a can each of black beans and corn, a handful of diced sweet peppers and half a mango with salt & pepper. Easy and delicious.

The hub's lunches:
bologna sandwiches (no joke, this is what he wanted to eat)
Taco bake

Breakfasts: muffins. I made these Sunday without using a muffin pan and they didn't turn out looking so good, but they taste good. Our variety of toppings: pecans, coconut, chocolate/peanut butter chips, dried cranberries and dried apricots.

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