Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Even though there was a couple that lived in our house prior to us, it seems like a bachelor pad. There was no landscaping around the house, despite the fact that the condensing unit is a huge eyesore on the front of the house, the downspouts send out rivers of rain, and the water softener has made a small pond in the backyard. 

The last couple weeks there have been lots of perennials on sale at Lowe's for $1 to $3. I bought almost $100 in perennials. The most expensive were the lilac and elderberry which were $4 a piece.

Because of the water softener, I researched salt tolerant plants which include So Sweet Plantain Lily hostas, Entrapment and Stella de Oro daylilies, Tango Ladylike Asiatic Lily, Southern Comfort coral bells, echinacea and Sensation White salvia. I also planted a Brilliance Autumn Fern, which isn't listed as salt tolerant, but I thought might do well in the shade. I bought some of each and arranged them near the water softener outlet. This is kind of temporary for now as we're discussing regrading the backyard and adding a paver patio area with outdoor kitchen. It rained this weekend (finally!) due to hurricane Isaac and water ponds near the house in the backyard - no good!

Lilac at the corner
At the front of the house, near the condensing unit, is a mixture of Jade garden phlox, pink fountain gaura, "Jethro Tull" coreopsis, Sensation White salvia, Little Lemon goldenrod, and blue bomb speedwell. At the front corner is a Black Lace Elderberry. At the back corner is a dwarf Korean lilac.
Next on the list? Mulch!

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