Thursday, February 16, 2012

Garden Update 2.16.12

Remember when I said that receiving seed catalogs was like looking at garden porn?
That was before we received all these catalogs...

Earlier this week, Mom and I made a list of seeds to buy. Then Grandma said she was getting ready to order seeds from Jung's catalog. So I wrote up our wishlist and gave it to her, expecting a couple days to get her some money before she ordered, or for her to pare down the order. Not so... Tuesday night I got home and she had already sent off the order!

Here's what we have coming from Jung's. I suppose I should keep track of seed costs and harvest totals again this year, too...

Blue Lake 274 beans $2.25
Speedy beans $2.65
Early golden bantam sweet corn $2.25
Marketmore 76 cucumbers $1.75
Alibi hybrid cucumbers $1.95
Athena hybrid cantaloupe $3.35
Early frosty peas $1.75
Early sweet sugar pie pumpkin $1.95
Jung's summer medley zucchini $2.95
Crimson sweet watermelon $1.95
Table king bush acorn squash $1.95

Grandma added the following to the order:
Summer dance hybrid cucumber $2.75
Green ice lettuce $2.25
Karina garden pea $2.25
Red ace hybrid beet $2.25
German giant radish $1.95
Carolina golden hybrid tomato $3.75

From Burgess, we are ordering:
Mary Washington asparagus 10/$3.96
Victoria rhubarb 2/$3.99
Giant blueberry collection 6/$34.99

Now we have to figure out where all this and the fruit trees are going!

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