Sunday, February 26, 2012

Garden Update 2.25.12

We now have more garden goodies on the way from Burgess (Thank you Mom!):
6 blueberry plants for 34.99
10 Mary Washington asparagus for 3.96
2 Victoria Rhubarb for 3.99
40 gladiolas for 2.99

Last weekend at the Garden Show in Springfield, I also picked up:
Walla Walla onion plants 2.00
Candy onion plants 2.00
White onion sets 1.50
Garlic 4.98

Yesterday, Dad and I worked on the chickenhouse. We took down the old fencing around the chicken yard, and shoveled a lot of chicken manure/sawdust out of the chickenhouse. Dad estimates about 6 cubic feet of dirt. That's a lot of shoveling! The first round of chicks were available this week at the local farm store, Buchheits.

Then we repaired some of the siding.

Today we have more siding repair to do and we're also taking soil samples from the garden and hayfield to get tested at the local extension office.

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