Friday, February 3, 2012

Peeping Toms

 Yesterday morning as I was getting dressed, I looked out the east window and there were 5 does checking out my birthday suit. This morning, I looked out, and although there were no does out that window, there was a beautiful sunrise.

Note, I took the photo through the window screen and that's why it has funny squares in it.

 However, later while I was brushing my teeth I looked out the west window and saw at least 10 deer standing on top of the ridge of our neighbor's property. These two photos were also taken through the window as not to spook the deer. See them? Look at the top of the ridge where there aren't any trees in the background.

 As I was leaving for work, the deer were crossing the road to our property and chasing each other around in the cow pasture.
  Look between the cedar trees, there are tan dots that are deer.

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