Saturday, March 8, 2014

Baby Kangaroo 3.9.14

This week you are about 4" long or the size of a large apple or navel orange. Your lungs are developing and your arms and legs are continuing to grow.

My symptoms this week?
Increased hunger - I usually eat breakfast around 615 and a snack around 10, then lunch at 1130. Several days this week I had breakfast at regular time but by the time I got to work at 8, I was starving! So I packed a few extra pieces of fruit this week.
Insomnia - this has happened on and off for several weeks. I'll get up at midnight for my first pee and then won't be able to sleep until 2am. Sometimes I lay in bed and try to fall back asleep but other times I know it's hopeless and so I'll get up and read on the couch.
Stuffy nose, and my nose bleeds almost every time I blow it
Not sure if this is a pregnancy symptom but my buttcheek muscles hurt if I sit for a long time. It's whatever muscle runs vertical, typically just my right cheek (I know, weird)

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