Wednesday, March 5, 2014

To my Baby Kangaroo - 2.23.14

This week you are 13 weeks old and we are entering the second trimester. Depending on which source I refer to, you are either the size of a peach or the length of a pea pod. So about 3" long. Which would explain why my pants are increasingly uncomfortable. I've been wearing a pair of black maternity pants from Target, and also my pre-pregnancy work pants with a Bella Band. It's like a tube top that allows a pregnant woman to keep her pants zipped, but not buttoned, and it keeps the pants from coming unzipped or falling down. Also prevents me from having to buy so many maternity clothes. Not to say I haven't though - the selection of maternity clothes in town is pretty slim, so I ordered several shirts and a pair of jean capris from Old Navy. I may make a trip to St. Louis later in pregnancy to check out maternity selection there. There is also a consignment sale coming to the Mall that will have baby stuff and maternity stuff; that will be about a month from now. I'm hoping to find some skirts and dresses, since I'll be pregnant in the peak of summer...
We had a prenatal visit this week. We heard your heartbeat. Your dad is already in love with you; when we got to the appointment he said he wouldn't be against having another ultrasound because he likes to see you. And he also said he wouldn't mind having a 3D ultrasound!
I really didn't have many symptoms this week (hallelujah). Other than my pants not fitting right anymore, I wouldn't even know. According to our scale here at home, I'm finally back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Up until last week's weigh-in, our scale said I was 4 pounds less than pre-pregnancy weight. Which didn't make any sense to me at all; I never had morning sickness that made me throw up, and I feel like I've been eating like a horse. I'm continuing my weight and cardio routine at the gym, and I can tell I'm more out of breath when I work out.
This week I told my supervisors and HR about you. They are all excited and very supportive. I don't have enough leave time to take off a full 12 weeks, so I'm proposing taking the first 8 weeks completely off and then working part time from 8 to 12 weeks. This way I'll ease back into work, but still be able to hold off on paying for childcare for another month. Speaking of childcare, I have no idea what we're doing. A daycare setting is fairly expensive, and I think we're leaning toward a home daycare. If we can find someone that provides childcare at their home that is easy for us both to get to.

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