Tuesday, March 4, 2014

To my Baby Kangaroo 2.15.14

This week you are about the size of a lime, and you look like a miniature human. It is shocking to me that you are only 12 weeks old and no longer look "alien".
My symptoms subsided a lot this week. One day I had a bad headache in the afternoon/evening, but it went away when I slept. I experienced chapped nipples one day. Very strange. They hurt and when I looked at them, they looked like my lips when I forget to put on chapstick and spend the day outside in the sun and wind. I put lotion on them (big mistake - they burned and stung) and then did some research on the best treatment. Most women recommend lanolin, which is the same lotiony-type substance that women use after each breastfeeding session. It's almost waxy in consistency. I found some at Target - instant relief!
I'm continuing my same weight training and cardio workout at the gym. I can get through the routine, but am extremely tired when I finish. Used to, I would feel energized after a workout. Now I come home and make dinner and can barely keep my eyes open to watch a television show.
I have a meeting with HR on Monday to discuss maternity leave options. Our next prenatal appointment is Friday. I'm not sure when I'll tell my supervisors, but it probably needs to be fairly soon.

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