Monday, March 3, 2014

To my Baby Kangaroo 2.8.14

This week, at 11 weeks, you are about the size of a fig, or about 1-1/2" long. (I should say that all these food comparisons on the pregnancy websites make me hungry for those foods. I haven't had a good fig since the end of summer...) Your fingers and toes are forming, and you are starting to grow fingernails and develop teeth under your gums. And you are only the size of a fig!! This is so crazy to me...
This week, my pregnancy symptoms have reduced. My boobs do not hurt as much; I do not have as many food aversions. Hunger comes in waves still. Sometimes I won't be very hungry and then I'll want to eat three bowls of cereal (I don't, of course, but I want to!) This week we had another round of winter weather, so I only made it to the gym twice. The other days this week I was trying to get home before the sun went down and the melted ice/snow had a chance to refreeze on the roads. I also haven't been over to play with Freddy this week except for once. But he was inside several days due to the cold anyway.
I had my six month dental check up on Friday. My dentist said it is normal for my gums to bleed during pregnancy, and they do on occasion. Especially when I floss. Sometimes I look like a vampire. My next checkup is when I am 9 months pregnant, so he said to hold off until after you are born. Unless I have some dental issues in the meantime, but he said my mouth looks very healthy.
I am almost ready to tell my supervisor. We are starting a new software later this year and I am the lead on the conversion and implementation process. We will go live with the program during my maternity leave, so I am trying to come up with another person to get involved now. Everytime I think I am ready to tell my boss, then I get a little scared and chicken out. I don't want to be treated differently because I'm pregnant.

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