Sunday, March 2, 2014

To my Baby Kangaroo 2/2/14

This week, you scared me a little bit. I had some spotting on Monday. I called the doctor's office on Tuesday and they said to call back if it started again. It did. So I called back on Tueday afternoon and set an appointment for first thing on Wednesday morning. I told your dad about the appointment, and tried to be strong and tell him I didn't need him there. But he saw through my "tough" facade and surprised me by coming to the appointment. Turns out everything was OK, and  we even got to see our first glimpse of you.
You are about an inch long in the ultrasound. You waved at us during the ultrasound. Your heart was beating about 160 beats per minute. We didn't get to hear your heartbeat but we could see it. According to your length, your due date is still August 31. This week you'll grow about 1/4", and be about the size of a kumquat. According the the scale here at home, I've lost 4 pounds since I found out I was pregnant, but according to the scale at the doctor's office, I've gained 2 pounds. 

This week I had a cold for the first half of the week. Cough, congestion, drainage, gunk. Luckily, Robitussin and Mucinex are on the approved medication list. I'm pretty done with cough drops, too. I forget how gross they make my mouth feel until I've gone through a bag of them. Other items that helped this week: running a humidifer at night, and using saline mist in my nose multiple times a day. Because of the cold, I was unable to go to the gym until Wednesday evening. 

Symptoms this week? Still experiencing food aversions, but they could also be blamed on the cold and lack of appetite. My boobs are no longer sore, but frequently there are stabbing pains in them. The uterus area of my body feels like it is stretching. 

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