Sunday, March 16, 2014

To my Baby Kangaroo - 3.16.14

Where is time going? I am four months pregnant today (holy cow, we're almost halfway there!). This week you are the size of an avocado (4" long), and your ears are developing. (Speaking of avocadoes, for breakfast I had a bacon, egg, cheese, and avocado sandwich - delicious.) Soon you'll hear me talking to myself, and singing to myself in the car. You'll hear your dad, and you'll hear our favorite TV shows (NCIS, Intelligence, Blue Bloods - I sense a police/crime theme...).
This week there is a big consignment sale for baby and maternity stuff. We don't have your room started at all yet, but I'm hoping to find some furniture for your room soon. The list I have for the sale this week: a baby carrier (hopefully an Ergo), a nursing pillow, a dresser/changing table and some maternity clothes for me. I'm hoping for a couple skirts or dresses, workout clothes, shorts and casual shirts to wear in the garden and while doing housework. In about a month, I figure we'll start our baby registry - by that time we should know your gender. And hopefully by then we'll start working on your room. Right now it serves as a spare bedroom/storage/office.
I wonder if Freddy, our border collie, knows I am pregnant. Sometimes he stops and looks at me and I think he's asking me a question. My biggest fear is that you'll be allergic to dogs and cats like your dad is. I hope you don't inherit that from him; I want Freddy and the farm cats to be your friends.

My symptoms this week?
I still have days where I am so hungry and nothing seems to fill me up. Several days this week I had cravings for really salty potato chips.
Finally, maybe, starting to look pregnant instead of chubby - really depends on which clothes I am wearing though
Headaches - Friday afternoon and most of the day on Saturday. I've started taking Tylenol within the first sign of the headache instead of toughing it out for several hours, and it seems to help.
I think I've gained weight, but I haven't stepped on the scale this week. My workout pants are falling down below my belly when I work out
My buttcheek still hurts
Plantar fasciitis flared up again in my right foot. I've been icing it the last couple days and making a point to wear arch-supporting shoes. Not sure if this is pregancy related, but since my cardio consists mainly of fast walking and stationary biking, it may be the result of my fitness routine.

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