Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Chickenpox on the Greenhouse, and Garden Report

 The cilantro and dill finally sprouted.

 First caterpillar I've seen on the parsley since the beginning of the summer.
 I'm thinking about transplanting the parsley to pots to put in the greenhouse.
 I've been painting the greenhouse. This spring, we finished putting the siding on but then it got too hot to be in the sun caulking and painting. I started on Sunday, taping and caulking nail holes, and painted the west side of the greenhouse. Then today I "finished" painting the other two sides. Then I realized I had completely forgotten the top part on the north side also needs painted. So I climbed up there and caulked everything and will probably finish painting tomorrow or Thursday.
 See all the caulking spots? It looks like the greenhouse has chickenpox!

My next "to do" items are:
- paint the garage trim
- recaulk the windows on the house. The caulking we used the first time dried and cracked really bad and isn't doing a good job of sealing anymore.
It finally cooled off, and we got enough rain, that the lettuce mix sprouted. We'll see if the birds keep out of it!

Also, I stopped at Lowe's today to get another paint tray liner, and they had garlic and onions for fall plantings, so I bought a bag of yellow onions and a bag of garlic, and seed packets of parsley and basil to start in the greenhouse. They had some stray tomato plants, and I'd like to pick a couple up to put in the greenhouse to test it out this winter, but they were looking a little scraggly and yellow, so I'll keep looking.

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