Sunday, September 11, 2011

Garden Report 09.11.11

Today was mowing day, which also means I got to check on the plants down at the MiL's house.

The Hubs warned me of the mass destruction of the tomato plants. They've been getting eaten all summer, but just the tops of them, and a few random green tomatoes that I had been waiting on to turn red. I haven't harvested any tomatoes from that garden yet but there have been plenty set on!

 Earlier this week, The Hubs spotted the culprit. A groundhog. I can see where he's been getting under the garden fence in two places. One spot you can see in the middle top of the next picture, to the left of the corner post, where the ground is rubbed to dirt.

 I do have to give the groundhog credit for being smart. At least he only eats the tops of the plants and doesn't break the stem off at the ground. However, the Hubs is going to call animal control this week about trapping it for us. Otherwise someone might camp out on the MiL's back porch with a pellet gun.

 There are a lot of poblano peppers set on. Thankfully the groundhog is concentrating on the tomatoes and leaving the peppers alone (although I did see some damage on some of the strawberry plants).

 Can you tell where the grass gets watered by the sprinkler? I think next year we're going to try drip irrigation.

You need to prepare yourself for this next photo. One of the wonderful aspects of living only a block from your MiL is that you can share lawn mowers. I mean, really, what's the point in two families each owning a push mower, riding mower and weed eater when they live so close?

And really, what's the point in breaking out the car trailer every time you need to haul the lawn mower from one house to the other?

That's where our redneck side comes into play. Yes, that's the Hubs, riding the riding mower down the street with a weed eater in his lap and pulling a push mower. If you would have been in our front yard an hour or so earlier, you would have seen me doing the same thing (sans weed eater). At which point you're neighbor would have called you "Turbo" when you ramped up into the driveway, and agreed when you called yourself a redneck.

The first time I did this, I was laughing so hard driving down the street that I was almost crying.

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